他是 狼牙山下东西水村 一位普通的村民,十几年来,他从创建杜甫农家乐园到狼牙山鹏辉旅游餐饮有限公司再到狼牙山文化博物馆,一路阔步前行,硕果累累。这个人就是 县政协委员李晓辉 。
He is a common village in the East℡ and West Water Village of Langyashan. For more than ten years, he went from the creation of Du Fu farm to Langyashan Peng Hui tourism catering Co., Ltd. and to the Langyashan cultural museum. This man is Li Xiaohui, a member of the county's Political Consultative Conference.

Influenced by t┊┋he spirit of the five warriors of Langyashan, Li Xiaohui's ability to think deeply and perseverance was created. As the tou#rism of Langyashan continues to rise, Li Xiaohui holds the opportunity to create a farmyard of Du Fu paradise in 2000, becoming one of the founders of the rural tourism in the Langyashan scenic area. After more than ten years of development, fↅrom only 5 tables, the couple's shop has grown into a variety of cultural tou┍rism complexes, including catering, accommodation, cultural exper┖ience, and product development. Li Xiaohui has won the Baoding labor model, Langyashan ten people, Yixian County good people and other honors, his enterprise has been named "Baoding ten gold medal farm music", "C๑·ิ.·ั๑hinese rural tourism gold medal farm music".

As a member of the county committee of the Chinese people's PoliticↃal Consultati⿺ve Conference, Li Xiaohui kept in mind the sacred mission, in order to promote the development of the Lanвgyashan scenic area and drive the villagers to get rid of poverty and become rich. In 2012, based on Du Fu paradise, the Yixian County Langyashan Peng Hui tourist catering Co., Ltd. was registered" and established, and the Langyashan wonder museum was opened. More tδhan 50 jobs are added to the local area. Strong impetus to local fruit, vegetabl▲es, mountain ↈgoods sales, increasing the annual income of villagers about 1500000 yuan.

In or╨der to further enhance the cultural taste and overall reception level of Langyas∫han scenic area and enhance the ability of enterprises to drⅦive the local economic and social development, from 2012, Li Xiaohui began to prepare the Langyashan Cultural Mus→eum, construction in July 2016, and the opening conditions in September 2017, and test operation. The Museum covers an area of 20 mu, with a main building area of more than 10 thousand square meters, with a total Ⅳinvestment of 120 million yuan. The theme of "inheriting red gene, carrying forward folklore culture and displaying magic stone charm" is the main theme of the museum, w┈┉hich is divided into three parts: Red anti war and stone middle edge - Kyushu 】strange stone φand folk custom - farming civilization, more than 50 exhibition areas, which ex∠hib≌it more than 2300 pieces of anti war, folk cultural relic〒s and odd stone specimens.

The museum useεїзs historical display, scene restoration, sculpture wax figure, sound and photoelectric m╥ultimedia and other means of display. With heritage heritage and cultural and creative expe❤☜rience Museum, catering, accommodation, conference and other tour々ist facilities complete, free wireless WiFi full coverage. It is estimated≈ that 200 thousand visitors will be received in the year, which will drive more than 200 local residents to work, and directly increase the wage income of local farmers by 4 million yuan. At present, the Langyashan cultural museum is a◙pproved by the expert group of Hebei Provinci*al Cultural Relics Bureau, and is allowed to register for the museum.

Since the trial operation in September 2017, the Langyashan Cultural Museum has received more than 80 thousand visitors, causing a strong response in the country and becoming a new card of the Langyashan scenic spot. The second red collection exhibition of "inheritance fire, a dream of China" in Yixian County, the opening ceremony of the two session of the two Council of the ∪Hebei ornamental stone association and the base of the stone appreciation cultural activities, the nineteen spirit of the collection exhibition of the red theme collection of the collectors' Association of Hebei Province, the commemoration of the international museum day and the national intangible heritage Appreciation Art guarantee were held. Protect the demonstration unit and other activities. It is named aↇs the base of Hebei stone appreciation cultural activities, the research base of Hebei red collection c▬ulture, the patriotism education base of the Red Culture Research ↙Association of China, and the demonstration unit of the national level non legacy project.

Li Xiaohui said that as a member of the county Political Consultative Conference, I will not be responsible and mission, the next step, I will take the Langyashan Cultural Museum as a sharing and co construction exchange platform, make their own enterprises constantly innovation and development, driving local villagers employment. I will contribute to the construction of scenic spots and beautiful countryside ►in Langyashan.